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About Us

Get to know all about The Groves Family Farm - what we do, our mission and our history. The Groves Family Farm is a year-round Farm that offers locals a variety of fresh farm products. We specialize in Idaho Pasture Pigs, Chickens, Turkeys, Geese, Duck, Rabbit and Quail.
We started in 2019 when we bought our place in Alvin. There were 2 chickens on the property when we moved in. Those 2 chickens started us down the path to the farm. Chickens truly are the gateway to farming. We currently have over 100 birds including chickens, geese, turkeys, guineas and quail. Next we went to rabbits. We found Californian rabbits to breed and quickly came across the TAMUK rabbits as well. We now breed both varieties of rabbits. We decided we wanted to raise our own pigs for meat, and found the wonderful Idaho Pasture Pig(IPP) breed. In our opinion, these pigs are definitely the best choice for a small homestead/farm. We offer breeders, breeding pairs and feeders. We raise and process our own meat chickens, turkeys, geese, and quail to fill the freezer as well. We recently brought home a registered Jersey cow named Halle that calved a beautiful heifer that we named Grace! We milk Halle daily and use her milk to provide for most of our dairy needs.
At The Groves Family Farm we feel incredibly lucky and greatly blessed that we get to do what we love. We’d love for you to take part in the The Groves Family Farm experience. For more information, get in touch!

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