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Farm Products

What we Specialize In:

We raise many different animals on the farm. Below you can see what we have to offer. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

**All prices listed on website are based on market prices and are subject to change at any time**


***We have Emu's!!!***

We took a trip up to Conroe to pick out 2 Emu's on June 24th.  They are safe and sound at home and we named them Lucy & Ricky.  They are an absolute hoot. Eggs and possible hatched chicks are coming beginning late Spring into the Summer of 2024.

IPP Pigs

We’re proud to offer our customers Registered Idaho Pasture Pigs. Our sows farrow twice a year, times vary per sow. We have 2 boar bloodlines and 6 sow bloodlines to choose from. If you want breeders or feeders, contact us for availability and pricing. Get on the Waiting List.


**Californian & TAMUK Rabbits**

We started breeding these big beautiful rabbits as another source of meat on our farm. They also make great pets. Contact us for availability



We got these Guineas to try our hand at breeding and trying them out.

Freeze Dried Items_edited.jpg

**Freeze Dried Candy, Fruits & Veggies!**

Freeze dried items including: Rainbow Rabbit Pellets, Yogurt Bites, Ice Cream bites, Bananas, Strawberries, and many more candies, fruits and veggies.



We offer eveything from chicks to 6mo olds close to laying. With our Barnyard mixes we are able to offer our customers chickens at a lower price.
Please call for current availability and pricing



Contact us to see if any are available.



The geese are fun to watch and listen to.



Whether you are wanting to bring home quail to process or raise your own for eggs, we have recently changed our flock to the Jumbo Wild Coturnix Quail. They grow to a size of 14 oz. per bird versus to the standard Coturnix at 10 oz. per bird. Hatching new birds all the time.



Whether you want them for eating or hatching, pick up your fresh farm eggs here!


**Processed Rabbit packaged for the freezer.**

We’re proud to offer our customers whole rabbit raised and processed here on the farm.


**Processed Chicken packaged for the freezer.**

Whole chickens, raised and processed here on the farm.

We place our order 15 weeks prior to process day.  Call to order and put down a deposit to lock in your price and ensure we have enough yard birds for you.

Processed Quail.jpg

**Processed Quail ready for the freezer**

Processed Quail raised here on the Farm.


**Meet Eeyore the new Protector!**

This handsome Jack was born on our farm in May of 2022.  He is getting really big.  We are looking for a mate for him soon.


***Meet Halle, our newest milk provider that just calved a pretty little heifer that we named Grace***

Halle is one of the newest additions to the family and farm.  We brought her home on October 1st and she calved a pretty heifer on 10-26-22.  We are so blessed to have her and her calve with us to grow the farm.  We named her heifer Grace.

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